If a team has paid the tournament entry fee and the tournament (or age group) is canceled due lack of teams, that team will receive a FULL refund. 

If a team pulls out of the tournament after the Monday prior to the start of event or that team is a “no show”, that team will receive NO refund. 


If a tournament has been canceled or rained out, the following guidelines will be used regarding refunds:

If your TEAM has played:

  • NO  games  -  FULL REFUND
  • ONE  game  -  HALF REFUND
  • TWO  games or more  -  NO REFUND 

In case of rain, the Tournament Director, with assistance from the State Director has the right to modify or amend the tournament format in order to finish the event and award points.

It is the team Managers responsibility to contact the tournament director for rain out information.   We will do our best to post Rainout Information on the Tourney Website (   The tournament director cannot be expected to contact each team individually when a tournament is a rained out.